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How to Increase Google Page Rank

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Posted in Google on June 15th, 2011 | 13 Comments »

We are accustomed with the word “RANK” from the very first day we enter into competition, be it in the school exams, a sprint in college sports, or to get a good job. Now to get a rank in the top you need to work hard in the particular subject, know the nuts-bolts of the matter, and follow the proper way to accomplish the job in a better way.To be No. 1 ranked you need to be the best among all. Google as a search engine have a ranking for web sites, which all web masters around the globe knows. And as “Google” has the highest popularity for searching in the web, Google follows some well defined ways to rank a page. And to get the No. 1 spot in the listing a web site should follow all the perspectives which Google stresses for its ranking. There are many processes to increase the page rank like SEO, SEM, SMO etc.

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