Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Blog by SEO Service Online Mon, 17 Dec 2012 13:04:08 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Facebook vs Google Plus: The Classic Battle Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:48:58 +0000 Social networking is the trend of the season and Facebook have created a huge impact among people to make use of social network for diversity of purposes.Google Plus vs Facebook Still there are several other networks like twitter with millions of users it, the fame of Facebook remains unconcealed. Until the introduction of Google plus there is no much severe competitor to Facebook. With the launch of Google plus by Google, the internet giant it has started to take advantage over Facebook. The plenty of benefits offered by Google plus make all the folks to turn into the Google plus usage in spite of an active account in Facebook. Let us see some of the factors like number of users, benefits of Google plus over Facebook, its marketing strategy and many other trends which facilitate Google plus to conquer its battle against Facebook.

With regard to the volume of users, Google plus has not revealed the accurate volume but they have proudly announced there are millions of users utilizing the services provided by them. There is no definite number of users announced officially by Google, but the astonishing fact is the number of users is on the rise favorably. There are more than 750 million users for Facebook and the percent of men and women using Facebook remains equal. But with the case of Google plus, men tends use it more than women and it is most popular among businesses.

Facebook is only a social networking which allows inviting and interacting with friends, while Google plus enables users to include individuals who are familiar to them under the title circles. Circles are not like friends and it is up to users to include them in the friends list and there are many circles made on the basis of users. Facebook is frequently used for playing games by its users and it can be said games are one of the imperative reason for the familiarity of Facebook. Without the introduction of any games Google plus has reached millions of users, which is a clear evidence of the extensive popularity of this new social network.

Privacy and security offered by Google plus is highly attractive and if compared with the privacy of Facebook, Google plus stands in the top of the list. It is not as addictive as Facebook and it gives a realization of spending some worthy time in front of PC. The marketing strategy of Google plus is the reason behinds its familiarity in a short span of time within its launch. It achieves the targeted traffic with Gmail, Google analytics, Adsense and Adwords and the innovative methods used by Google plus gives it the visible traffic. If you feel that you are wasting your precious time in social network and likes to turn over into a useful site, analyze new social platform like Google plus and learn how it battles against the other social networking sites.

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Google Introduces New Knowledge Graph Fri, 27 Jul 2012 19:51:00 +0000 Google Knowledge GraphHave you noticed the new change in the Google? Google augments its search to a wider perspective and displays the information of the search in a broader way by launching Google Knowledge Graph on 22May 2012. This knowledge graph contains more than 500million objects and 3.5billion facts, relationships and many other about the objects. This is really one of the huge data resources where internet surfers can mine any kind of data within a fewer minutes. There is no doubt this Google feature is an initial step for next generation of surfing. The knowledge Graph enables obtaining the search results quickly and easily with sufficient information so that the user does not have to make multiple searches for the information.

This knowledge graph enhances the searching technique with ease by implementing three strategies.

1. Finding the right things which you need exactly is possible and you can get the relevant data very easily without surfing much.

2. The second feature of knowledge graph is to get the brief summary. With this option, there is chance for the internet surfer to get relevant content in brief that matches your query exactly.

3. There is also chance for you to get the details of relationship between the things which you like to search.

Going deeper and broader in search of any specific topic is really the most welcomed one by every web surfer which is available now with the help of such Google knowledge graph.

Everyone knows that perfect search engine will provide perfect result by understanding your search exactly. These are few awesome advantages of this Google knowledge graph which makes your search very simple and easy. With an emergence of this knowledge graph, there is chance for every internet user to save their time by spending only few minutes to surf your needed things.

The Knowledge Graph Official Video

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Pinterest makes more Profit than Twitter or Facebook Sat, 14 Jul 2012 19:42:09 +0000 Facebook, twitter and pinterest are social media platforms. Among them pinterest is the latest and has spread at a faster pace. Pinterest vs Twitter and Facebook New users are signing it every moment. This has also launched several apps. Personal to business accounts are created in these channels. Facebook is the best social network to stay close to your friends and it allows you to see what they are doing. Twitter on the other hand is best for obtaining several kinds of news and information. Pinterest can help you popularize your brand faster. For many brands it is essential to maintain social network accounts in all social media platforms. This helps entrepreneurs to establish and build their business.

Therefore the entire social media arena like facebook, twitter and pinterest are crucial. Even though these are all commonly called as social media each of them possess different functionalities. In twitter you get tweets from people and you can also tweet or retweet indeed. Facebook allows you to post messages into the wall and you can see other people’s messages and profile also. Chat and video chat options are also available. You can add multiple friends here whereas in twitter you follow few people and few others follow you.

After facebook and twitter, pinterest is the third most popular social media site. But it has become famous so quickly in micro blogging industry. Can you believe more than twenty million users in a month? Pinterest has influenced marketing more than facebook. This is because it is easy to operate. Navigation and understanding of the functionalities is easy. This is the reason that more and more people are opting to use this platform either for personal use or for business profile. Even sharing images is very trouble-free. One of the reasons behind this is that more and more new users are joining this social platform and a study found online which reveals the fact that sale among the pinterest users is more than the facebook users. The sale is more among the pinterest visitors rather than the facebook users. In the pinterest it is easy to post images and categorize them. Therefore each product can be posted along with the price and clicking them directly goes to the sale page. You can pin your favorite products.

Pinterest ChartThese are few advantages that are offered by pinterest. Definitely as a business perspective sale is more important. Therefore with all these advantages pinterest can be great tool for social media marketing. If you haven’t started with pinterest then here is a golden opportunity for you to get started and boosts your sales online and spread your brand using this new social media platform. You can check for yourself how your brand gets promoted. There is excessive display of all the items. Just a click on the product is enough and this will take the pinterest user to the product page. Therefore the click on the website also increases. Therefore it enables easy marketing for online store keepers. To conclude it can be said that every social media channel is different in its own way.

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Google Penguin Web Spam Algorithm Update Mon, 04 Jun 2012 19:35:49 +0000 Google PenguinGoogle has always been one of the best internet browsers which follow proper quality guidelines for rating websites. There is a series of algorithms which rank websites according to their quality material. Recently many websites have been found that violate the basic rules of quality and continue doing keyword stuffing and producing duplicate text. For eliminating such websites, Google invented a new algorithm update called Google Penguin Data Refresh whose goal is to point out all the websites which are violating the Google webmaster guidelines and also checks web spam. No specific reason was mentioned why this named was given to it. A lot of digital commotion is noticed during the month of May due the launch of this algorithm. There wasn’t any authorized update for this algorithm till May 25, 2012 when Google announced Google Penguin latest version 1.1.

From April 24, 2012 when Google Penguin 1.0 was launched till May 25, 2012 when Google Penguin updated 1.1 refreshed the webpage targeting web spam, various websites have claimed to have lost online traffic as they were ranked pretty low according to this updated algorithm. After the recent refresh of the algorithm, it is noticed that Google Penguin 1.1 effects less than 0.1% of English searches and merely 3% on German, Arabic and Chinese searches so far. Many search engine optimization (SEOs) noticed a great amount of shift in the result pages as many web pages are ranked low due to their lack of quality material. When algorithm was used for the first time, large amount of websites suffer but it is now refreshed and seen that many of the sites which were mistakenly removed from the traffic have recovered eventually.

Google Penguin UpdateBack linking of poor quality sites, cloaking techniques and stuffing of particular keyword in numerous ways are some of the faults with the help of which Google Penguin updates judge various Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs) and various spam related activities. Schemes regarding links was never illegal, therefore many websites was back linked by bad eminence and low quality websites. For eliminating all these illogical features, Google invented this algorithm at first place. Unfair removal of websites are claimed to be returned back to their positions within 24 hours.

Matt Cutts, head of Google web spam team who is specialized in SEO related problems states that this update is mean to produce no such harm to the websites and only reduce the online traffic for those websites which are not following and violating the proper webmaster guidelines of the Google. The online business is not much affected by the launch of this algorithm; it only improves on the further quality of the browser.Google Future Updates Google is planning to improve the search engine more by launching more updates. The actual time for the launch of new updates is not finalized yet but it is predicted to be seen in next few months. For better ranking and optimized results of various searches, Google will keep announcing new methods and techniques and if Google continues their theory of BLACK & WHITE, then it is quite possible that future updates will be Zebra Update, Orca Update or might be any other animal that is black and white in color.

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Google Penalty for Over Optimization Mon, 26 Mar 2012 19:22:01 +0000 Google PenaltyGoogle’s head spam cop Matt Cutts declared the future release of a new over-optimization charge to the level the playing ground. The confession came recently at the Southern region By the Southwest (SXSW) convention in Austin and Texas through an open section eligible with Google’s and Bing’s website owner and web scam associates. The Google’s goal for the extra charge is to give websites that have created excellent articles a better chance to position and drive looking for traffic and alterations.

All the internet marketers can factor in the Google results for their beloved award appearance and factor out at least one website that just must not be permitted to high position. Aggressive ire aside, sometimes websites have inadequate articles but focus extra hard on their SEO initiatives.

Typically they have a search term website, several keywords rich inner connecting and intensely improved name labels and body articles. Their link investment stock portfolios will be intensely improved as well. But their articles are vulnerable, their value undertaking is low but they are obviously to human experts only position because of their SEO. The future over-optimization charge would hypothetically change the state that’s why websites with excellent articles.

Signals which are supposed to qualify over the optimization:

Google Over Optimization Keep in mind that we have not exactly know about this internally as to what they are prepared. In other terms, never run out and modify all these things just because you study this content. But these methods are in our record because they depart a bad flavor in mouth when we come across them and wish they were on Cutts’ record. These signals are listed as below:

  • Improved anchor-text linking: Linking to a web page from that same web page with improved anchor-text.
  • Linking regularly: These depend upon over-optimization.
  • Change in Home anchor text: Usually the property web link is the website logo. But in the situations where the property web link is textual and has been improved with the juiciest search term, which should depend as over-optimization.
  • Overly constant and extremely improved anchor-text of inbound hyperlinks: If ten of the hundred hyperlinks to a web page include the same extremely improved anchor- text, like the Bogus Site, the Fakest Site Promoting shirts on the Web that should depend as over-optimization.
  • Generic search term website: They have too much effect on the positions or rankings and necessitate to be demoted in significance. Now we (SEO Service Online)are sure that it is very complicated to decide which conditions are generic and which are manufacturers. But the search engines seem to have damaged with its relevant manufacturers outcomes. Absolutely they must be nearer to knowing the dissimilarity between the non-branded website and the company’s website.
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Windows Live Skydrive Features Thu, 16 Feb 2012 19:18:04 +0000 Microsoft offers a free service that is window live Skydrive. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet. This service allows you store, share and synchronize files with other people throughout the web. The purpose of this service is to put files in the “cloud” to all owners of a Windows. Hosted files can be accessed directly by web browsers or through any other tools of Microsoft.

Drive Space :

Windows Live Skydrive offers up to 25GB data storage space for user to store data. Due to that much space you can put any kind of file up to 100MB. But Windows live Skydrive cannot upload more than 100MB files.

Accessing Windows Live Skydrive :

For online sharing and hoisting of files through Microsoft services and applications Windows Live Skydrive is considered as a key point. With the help of a web browser it can be accessed “independently”. You just need to go to the Windows live Skydrive page, and then enter your ID and sign in. Once you have signed in, then you can open it directly from your web browser and also able to see all your hosted files.

Online Collaboration on Documents :

Windows live Skydrive offer various advantages such as;

• It gives access to you to work together on different documents such as Word, Excell, PowerPoint

• Also give access on Windows live ID

The other key aspects of Windows Stay skydive are that it is deeply connected with all applications included in the Windows Live Essential Suites?

Through A Windows Live photo Gallery you can share and post your images and videos through Windows Live Movie Maker.

Creating a Windows Live ID and Live Skydrive Account :

In case you don’t have a Windows Live ID then it is very easy to create an ID within few steps. You need to open the sign up page of Windows Live Skydrive. After completing the form, Microsoft proposes that you create an ID using one of their e-mail services (Hotmail or

In case you have another e-mail address then no need to create a new one with Microsoft, you can use your existing one. On the sign-up page, search for a link, “Or use your own e-mail” then click on it and wait for load it.

After this you will get confirmation on your e-mail address and get a password and other requested details. In this way within a few minutes you will create your Windows Live ID.

Live Skydrive Features :

Window Live Essentials 2011 is a package of ten free programs that are:

• Messenger

• Photo Gallery and Movie Maker

• Mail

• Writer

• Family Safety

• Windows Live Mesh

• Messenger Companion

• Bing Bar

• Outlook Connector Park

• Microsoft Silverlight.

In its older incarnation you may have used many of these resources. This package is full of latest features and you will get the latest edition of all these programs. You just need to double click on wlsetup-web.exe file that was downloadable to begin the set up. You can choose according to your need either a particular subset or setup all Windows Live Essential tools.

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Connect Social Networks in Windows Live Tue, 13 Dec 2011 19:13:01 +0000 Add LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and other social network sites to Live Messenger or Windows Live Profile and connect with all of your connections or friends in one convenient place.

Facebook LogoWindows Live Profile is a platform for hotmail or windows live users to handle their profile information. It is an aspect which presents information about the particular user, their relationship status, their recent activities and many more social updates with other Live or Hotmail users. It also offers video sharing or image sharing options. Live profile is connected with a user’s Windows Live/Hotmail ID. The profile also provides the ability to join or connect with additional social network platforms such as MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook and many others.

Connect Your Social Networks Together

Live Profile 2

Connect your all social networks to Windows Live Profile or Live Messenger and bring them all in one place. No need to log in to additional services. From your profile window you can see news feeds, your friends’ updates and post your own comment to wherever you want them to appear. Even you can hide the updates that you don’t want to see and prioritize the ones that matter most.

Chat with Facebook Friends from Your Live Profile

Connect Facebook to your live profile and you are able to chat with both sets of your friends through your account when you’re signed in to Hotmail. You can even have multiple chats going at once.

How to Connect Your Social Networks

Connect the networks you use to Live profile and your friends can keep up with what you’re doing across the web. For example, when you post a new status on your facebook profile page, your Messenger friends will also see it. Even they can comment on your status without log into facebook.

1. Open the social window of your Windows Live profile called Messenger Social.

2. Click on Add in the upper-right corner of the Messenger Social window and then click a service you want or click Find more services.

3. Choose the service that you want to connect.

4. Click the name or logo of the service you want to connect, and then follow the instructions to connect the service.

Live Profile 1

How to Manage Your Services

1. Open the Messenger Social window.

2. Click on Add and then click Manage my services.

3. Click on Edit.

4. Set your sharing or privacy settings.

5. Click on Save.

Chat with Facebook Friends from Hotmail

Connect your facebook profile to Hotmail and chat with your messenger and facebook friends right from your inbox.

Connect to Facebook

Sign in to your Hotmail account. In the header at the top of the Hotmail window, point to Messenger, and then click Profile. In the left pane, under your profile picture, click Connect. Then select Facebook as the service to connect.

Select the Facebook Chat Option

Live Profile 3

Select the Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger option, and then follow the rest of the instructions to connect to (or edit settings in) Facebook.

Live Profile 4Start a Chat

Now you can check your Facebook friends’ online status and start chats with them in your Hotmail inbox, the same way you do with your Messenger friends. Just go to the left pane of your inbox, under Messenger, and click their name to start a conversation.

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Google Plus for Business Fri, 18 Nov 2011 18:51:02 +0000 The social networking websites have revolutionized the whole world. Everything that people do in the real world, want to reflect that in the virtual world too. Entire world has been consolidated to a global village. Google is the keyword when talking about the web.

Recent venture of Google is Google+. It is social network where you can share different prospects of your business- whether they are photos, links, updates etc. There is a provision of video chat also so that there is a personal touch added to your conversations. You can promote your business products and services to people all around the world. Also you are able to know how much your page is getting popular and how many are the number of followers that you have.

Google plus is a feature where you can create pages for your business ventures, very similar to the ages on Facebook. They are business profiles to popularize your product or service wherein you are working. It has an absolutely user-friendly interface with which people can adapt to very quickly. Moreover, feedbacks have been invading in the positive direction regarding Google plus pages.

Way to Create Google Plus Business Page :-

1. Creating a page on Google Plus is an easy task. You need to go on the URL of the Google Plus which is

2. Then you need to create a profile of yours like you create an email account by filling the fields specified by the details on a form.

3. Then you can go ahead to create a page for your business venture whether it is a product or a service. There are numerous cool features that are associated with the Google Plus pages.

4. You can create a circle of yours where you can share the information that you want to be spread among your business network.

5. With the G+ widget, you can create your own avatar and associate your page to your own website. You can get the pages of all the brands that have been created on Google Plus.

The benefits of Google Plus can be summed up as follows :-

Direct Connect : With a + symbol before the search term, you can directly reach the Google Plus page of the product.

SEO : With +1 buttons, searching will be made easy and convenient for the people to reach the product page on Google Plus.

Inbound Links : With the inclusion of inbound links, you can bring traffic to your page and make it more and more visited.

Categorization of Business : The business pages have been categorized so that search is simplified for the users.

Local Pages : The feature of local pages makes it easy for the people to locate the business product or service that the page is dealing with.

Hence, Google Plus is yet another beneficial product by Google which aims to fulfil the desires of business persons.

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How to Enable Facebook Timeline Tue, 18 Oct 2011 18:42:30 +0000 Using social networking sites has become really popular. Facebook Logo Almost everyone from old ones to the younger ones is having accounts on these sites and is operating it. There are a lot of social networking sites but one of the most popular among all of them is facebook. There are various services offered by facebook to us which any other site is not able to. The services not only remain limited but time to time various changes are made in them to attract the new people and to retain the ones who are using facebook from before.

One of those latest features is facebook timeline features. It is a brilliant feature and all the decisions for it are taken recently at 2011 facebook developer’s conference held at San Francisco, U.S.A. All the users will be able to use this feature from next week. It is given the name of times line as times line is a site which is into the business from five years and allows people to share and record their personal and historic events. It is wonderful thing by which one can tell various people about his good or bad past or a history. One can make that description more attractive by adding quality photos and music into the album.
It is a new feature and all the people do not know how to use facebook timeline features. The steps which one has to perform if he or she wants to access it are mentioned below :

Facebook Timeline

1. Firstly one has to go on the search box of the facebook. It is present on the top of the home page of the account. Every one usually knows it. After clicking on it one has to type developer and click on the search option.

2. After you will enter it, there will be choice in front of you to allow or not to allow to continue the services, if one does not want to continue than he or she should click on don’t allow and vice versa if he wants to. By doing this you will allow the app to get installed.

3. After that one will enter into an entire new page. There would be several options in front of a person and one have to just choose create new app option. It is present on the right hand side of the screen. When you will click on this option a pop up box will appear. In this one has to type the application display name and application name space.

4. After that one has to turn back again to the home page and have to open graph. This option is there on the left hand side of the page. After that one has to create an action for the application.

5. When one will complete it than the process is almost over as one just has to click on save changes and have to return on the home page of the facebook.

Facebook timeline features are very good features which will enable people to share their experiences in an exciting manner with every one and will surely increase popularity of facebook.

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How to Save Your Site From Google Panda Fri, 30 Sep 2011 18:37:07 +0000 Are you into online website or SEO business? Are you seeking out the best ways which can enhance the performance and that too in very short time?Google PandaAre you trying your best but still, ranking in not coming into that way you are expecting for? Well, all these things always happen with an SEO Company or an SEO individual. They always keep putting their maximum effort to bring their web site at first page of search engines, in order to promote their websites. For that purpose, they use all possible techniques and manpower to get good ranking of their web site.

In order to promote site, SEO people have been using spamming or poor contents, so Google has decided to take some necessary action for these poor scarper sites. Such action is followed by Google Panda Update. This Panda Update has fully targeted low quality sites. Moreover, getting the result of poor qualities, Google has also charged fine many sites which have been doing copy linking practices. Thus, mainly Google Panda Update is a way to kick out such poor link building practices frequently.

Thus, Update has completely influenced those sites which have usedtechniques of content farming, or using duplicate contents or irrelevant contents over their sites. Thus, this update is really renowned and a great way to provide the best contents to the users by Google. Moreover, knowing Panda Update is becoming more convenient as the latest Panda Update is available in three languages.

Due to the effectiveness of Google Panda Update, many search results have been hit around 6 to 9 percent according to Google and because of real visibility loss; many sites in U.S. Germany, Australia and France have been hit by 12 percent.

So, in the presence of Google Panda, if SEO companies want to see high ranking of their sites, then only way is to use fresh, original contents for their websites. And for the best effective results, give up your ideas of using copied contents for your websites. Do not use keyword spamming and leave content farming as well. So, overall you need to fully discard black hat technology, in order to survive over Google. Because if you will use such techniques you can face loss of organic visibility of your site, moreover it is possible that you will be penalized by Google as well.

Possibly, this Google Panda Update has resulted badly for various SEO concerns, but from the user’s point of view, the latest panda update is really a great way toreceive the best information from your search results. Usually, when users try to search for particular keyword, various unnecessary sites appear as its result. Whether these sites won’t have what users have been exactly looking for, all these are due to black hat technique. Thus, users can get relevant information now just because of this Google Panda.

Thus, now users can expect scam free websites which will surely help them at a great extent for sure.

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