Windows Live Skydrive Features

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Microsoft offers a free service that is window live Skydrive. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet. This service allows you store, share and synchronize files with other people throughout the web. The purpose of this service is to put files in the “cloud” to all owners of a Windows. Hosted files can be accessed directly by web browsers or through any other tools of Microsoft.

Drive Space :

Windows Live Skydrive offers up to 25GB data storage space for user to store data. Due to that much space you can put any kind of file up to 100MB. But Windows live Skydrive cannot upload more than 100MB files.

Accessing Windows Live Skydrive :

For online sharing and hoisting of files through Microsoft services and applications Windows Live Skydrive is considered as a key point. With the help of a web browser it can be accessed “independently”. You just need to go to the Windows live Skydrive page, and then enter your ID and sign in. Once you have signed in, then you can open it directly from your web browser and also able to see all your hosted files.

Online Collaboration on Documents :

Windows live Skydrive offer various advantages such as;

• It gives access to you to work together on different documents such as Word, Excell, PowerPoint

• Also give access on Windows live ID

The other key aspects of Windows Stay skydive are that it is deeply connected with all applications included in the Windows Live Essential Suites?

Through A Windows Live photo Gallery you can share and post your images and videos through Windows Live Movie Maker.

Creating a Windows Live ID and Live Skydrive Account :

In case you don’t have a Windows Live ID then it is very easy to create an ID within few steps. You need to open the sign up page of Windows Live Skydrive. After completing the form, Microsoft proposes that you create an ID using one of their e-mail services (Hotmail or

In case you have another e-mail address then no need to create a new one with Microsoft, you can use your existing one. On the sign-up page, search for a link, “Or use your own e-mail” then click on it and wait for load it.

After this you will get confirmation on your e-mail address and get a password and other requested details. In this way within a few minutes you will create your Windows Live ID.

Live Skydrive Features :

Window Live Essentials 2011 is a package of ten free programs that are:

• Messenger

• Photo Gallery and Movie Maker

• Mail

• Writer

• Family Safety

• Windows Live Mesh

• Messenger Companion

• Bing Bar

• Outlook Connector Park

• Microsoft Silverlight.

In its older incarnation you may have used many of these resources. This package is full of latest features and you will get the latest edition of all these programs. You just need to double click on wlsetup-web.exe file that was downloadable to begin the set up. You can choose according to your need either a particular subset or setup all Windows Live Essential tools.

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