How to Enable Facebook Timeline

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Using social networking sites has become really popular. Facebook Logo Almost everyone from old ones to the younger ones is having accounts on these sites and is operating it. There are a lot of social networking sites but one of the most popular among all of them is facebook. There are various services offered by facebook to us which any other site is not able to. The services not only remain limited but time to time various changes are made in them to attract the new people and to retain the ones who are using facebook from before.

One of those latest features is facebook timeline features. It is a brilliant feature and all the decisions for it are taken recently at 2011 facebook developer’s conference held at San Francisco, U.S.A. All the users will be able to use this feature from next week. It is given the name of times line as times line is a site which is into the business from five years and allows people to share and record their personal and historic events. It is wonderful thing by which one can tell various people about his good or bad past or a history. One can make that description more attractive by adding quality photos and music into the album.
It is a new feature and all the people do not know how to use facebook timeline features. The steps which one has to perform if he or she wants to access it are mentioned below :

Facebook Timeline

1. Firstly one has to go on the search box of the facebook. It is present on the top of the home page of the account. Every one usually knows it. After clicking on it one has to type developer and click on the search option.

2. After you will enter it, there will be choice in front of you to allow or not to allow to continue the services, if one does not want to continue than he or she should click on don’t allow and vice versa if he wants to. By doing this you will allow the app to get installed.

3. After that one will enter into an entire new page. There would be several options in front of a person and one have to just choose create new app option. It is present on the right hand side of the screen. When you will click on this option a pop up box will appear. In this one has to type the application display name and application name space.

4. After that one has to turn back again to the home page and have to open graph. This option is there on the left hand side of the page. After that one has to create an action for the application.

5. When one will complete it than the process is almost over as one just has to click on save changes and have to return on the home page of the facebook.

Facebook timeline features are very good features which will enable people to share their experiences in an exciting manner with every one and will surely increase popularity of facebook.

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    Now a days social networking sites are very usefull for all business.Among them facebook is one.

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