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Social Bookmarking Services

Social bookmarking has been in existence for a number of years now. However, people still discover new concepts as they learn more about the internet marketing world. They also discover new things on how to best get traffic to sites and blogs. This is an organizational process that takes steps further by making public the list of sites that you frequently visit.

We reach and accomplish effective social bookmarking by encouraging your readers to submit your posts to social network sites and this is the most natural way to obtain back links from these sites. In this process, the sites that make public can be seen by anyone who visits the social sites and looks up the keywords you used to describe your bookmarked.

Criteria We Maintain

  • We are always provide manual submission.
  • Anchor text variation are allowed.
  • We submit in appropriate and relevant category only.
  • We are always use search engine friendly, high ranked and non-reciprocal social network sites.
  • Guaranteed listing so no need to worry about acceptance rate.
  • We will provide you comprehensive one click tracking link report.

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